Potentially Asked Questions


Is The Church of Cosmic Indifference really a church?

Yes! The Church of Cosmic Indifference is a 501c3 tax-exempt religious non-profit, with the purpose of spreading the Good News that no higher power cares what you think or do, and that you have the freedom to choose what gives your life meaning and purpose. We happen to believe that life-affirming values are the ideal basis for that personally-chosen meaning and purpose. Plus, we’ve found that determining (and living with integrity to) personally meaningful values is a life-long journey.

But do you really curse people?

Well, yes! Sort of. We don't believe in supernaturalism, so we don't think that pronouncing curses or blessings can alter objective reality. It's more like that thing many believers say: "Prayer doesn't change God; it changes me." While that's a convenient escape hatch some people use to avoid theological conundrums, we embrace it. Cursing people allows us to release our resentment and move on to more important things. Pronouncing a curse can't make something happen in the life of the person being cursed. Likewise, blessing people is simply a way of expressing our hopes, concerns, wants, and needs. It provides a sense of comfort, connection, and encouragement, but a blessing all by itself doesn't make things happens.

To be clear, it's people’s behavior that warrants cursing, not their identity. The Church of Cosmic Indifference does not endorse cursing anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. We judge people based on their deeds and not their identities. Thus, we only pronounce curses based on behavior, and let’s face it, we will never run out of reasons to curse people for their actions. Likewise, we won't withhold blessings from anyone, as the indifferent cosmos treats everyone with equal disinterest. 

Do I have to read/like/know about H. P. Lovecraft to be a part of The Church of Cosmic Indifference?

Not at all! Most members of other religious communities are fairly ignorant about the contents of their holy texts, so why should The Church of Cosmic Indifference be any different? You’ll probably learn a thing or two about HPL and Cthulhu and all the other bits of fantastical mythology created by HPL and other Weird Fiction authors, but there’s no reading or preference requirement to be a part of our community. In fact, we don’t even like everything about HPL, and our Humanist response to an indifferent cosmos will often depart from the views of Lovecraft and his protagonists. Still, we find the mythology he helped create to be useful.

Do I have to be a Humanist to be a part of The Church of Cosmic Indifference?

Well, if you don't think that Humanist values make sense, you’ll probably disagree with a lot of what we encourage. We value the ideals that every person has inherent worth and dignity; that human well-being as the basis for ethical and moral decisions; that observation, experimentation, and rational analysis form the best means of obtaining knowledge of reality; and that human interdependence is a natural means of enriching life and creating meaning. If you find those fundamental truths meaningful, then what we teach will likely resonate with you.  

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