Wait... You Curse People?

Well, yes! Sort of. We don't believe in supernaturalism, so we don't think that pronouncing curses or blessings can alter objective reality. It's more like that thing many believers say: "Prayer doesn't change God; it changes me." While that's a convenient escape hatch some people use to avoid theological conundrums, we embrace it. Cursing people allows us to release our resentment and move on to more important things. Pronouncing a curse can't make something happen in the life of the person being cursed. Likewise, blessing people is simply a way of expressing our hopes, concerns, wants, and needs. It provides a sense of comfort, connection, and encouragement, but a blessing all by itself doesn't change reality.

We want to be clear that people’s behavior is what warrants cursing, not people’s identity. The Church of Cosmic Indifference does not endorse cursing anyone based on their race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, or disability. We judge people based on their deeds and not their identities. Thus, we only pronounce curses based on behavior, and let’s face it, we'll never run out of reasons to curse people for their actions. Likewise, we won't withhold blessings from anyone, as the indifferent cosmos treats everyone with equal disinterest.  

Can we Curse or Bless Someone for you?

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